Oh, the Places You Can Go!

So many pop-ups, so little time! If you follow me on IG, then you already saw the installations I visited these past couple of weekends. This is all courtesy of my best friend Melissa (@melcam_). She loves surprising me with fun things like this.  She knows me so well. Let's get right into it!   The Egg … Continue reading Oh, the Places You Can Go!


29 Rooms

Finally! I have been trying to go to this since last year but it was impossible to get in. This year, I got lucky and had the opportunity to go with my friend Kathy because she had an extra ticket. It was a gift from the universe to me.  29 Rooms is an installation that … Continue reading 29 Rooms

MOFAD- Museum of Food & Drink

Hello again! Welcome to another little adventure of my sister and I. This past week we were finally able to visit the MOFAD. For those of you that don't know, the MOFAD is a nonprofit devoted to teach the public about the history, production, science, commerce, and the culture of food and drink. It's in Brooklyn … Continue reading MOFAD- Museum of Food & Drink