Tipsy Scoop

The beautiful weather is coming back! This weather gets me in such a great mood. This summer I want to take the time out to explore my city and check off all of the restaurants/bars I have had on my list for a while!

I was able to go to Tipsy Scoop two weeks ago with my sister. Tipsy Scoop is exactly what it sounds like, ice cream infused with liquor. It’s delicious! I recommend going early because they do run out of flavors throughout the day. Also, go during a week day because it will probably be less crowded. We went on a Saturday and it wasn’t too bad but there was still a wait. I would say we waited about 20 minutes. The place is small so the line moves quickly.

 (They check ID so make sure you bring it lol)


There are a couple of different ways to try the ice cream, you can try it by cone bowl, cup, flight, or sandwich. Either way it’s yummy! There are a bunch of flavors to choose from and they all sound so tempting. Untitled


I ordered the flight so I could try a couple of different flavors. Since some of the flavors were already sold out when we got there I chose the what I could from the list. I chose the Strawberry Rhubarb Bourbon, Mango Margarita Sorbet, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, and the Vanilla Bean Bourbon. (Their presentation wasn’t the best because there were barely any flavors left and I also was very impatient to try them before I took this picture lol)


Cute Shots

They were all so good, I really wish I had the opportunity to try the Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel and the Cake Batter Vodka Martini.  I really loved the Vanilla Bean Bourbon, it mixed so well and tasted really nice. The Mango Margarita honestly tasted exactly like a frozen mango margarita I would get at a bar.

My sister had a cup of the Spiked Mint Chocolate Chip and she didn’t love it. She said that it tastes like regular mint chocolate chip, and you couldn’t even taste the liquor. What’s the point of that? lol

Other than that Tipsy Scoop was awesome, since the place is so small it’s hard to have the opportunity to stay inside and enjoy your ice cream so most people go back outside. We got the chance to sit inside but it’s pretty cramped and there is not much to take pictures of.


Earlier in the day, there was a Jazz festival going on at the park by where my sister and I live and we decided to check it out. There are actually so many little markets and events that go on in that park and we never take the time to see what’s going on. It was nice to go for once. There were food trucks, display tents, and a live band.

We ate at the Dark Side of the Moo food truck. I had the chicken sandwich with truffle fries. (I love truffle!)


After, we went to a funnel cake truck and ordered a mini red velvet funnel cake. It was so delicious with the cream cheese icing drizzled on top.


Lastly,  I really wanted to get ice cream from the Milk Sugar Love dessert truck. I chose to try the Fruity Pebbles Mac Daddy which is one of their infamous ice cream macaroon/sandwiches. It was my favorite! Fruity Pebbles Mac Daddy



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