Welcoming 23!

So every year around my birthday I stress myself out over what I should plan to do with my friends and family for my birthday. It can get pretty frustrating for me because I put too much thought into it. I care too much about pleasing the people that are going to be around me versus making myself happy for my birthday. This is where I go wrong. It’s MY birthday I should just do whatever I want. It takes me forever to choose and I just end up choosing something last minute but thanks to my friends and family, it always turns out to be an amazing time.

I finally learned after 3 years of having minor mishaps on my birthday that it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the time I get to spend with people who love me and are excited to celebrate another year of life by my side. The people who want to make me feel happy and special on my birthday. That’s what matters, and I typically do feel this way by the end of the weekend after celebrating but I felt it 10x more this year after having a pretty nasty argument with someone who means a lot to me a week before.

Friends should bring positivity to your life and help you look at the bright side when things seem so dim. I’m lucky to have friends (who I could consider family) that do just that for me. I really appreciated everything they did for me this year and I really was able to enjoy my 23rd birthday to the fullest thanks to them. It was such a great weekend.

First, let’s talk about this cute setup my sister surprised me with at midnight. How cute is this? She’s the best when it comes to parties and decor. Muriel is really thoughtful. I loved it. Wish it could just stay like that all year round. It was so sweet of her to do this for me.

On the day of my birthday, April 26th, I worked and then went to Tao Downtown for dinner with my best friends and my sister. It was my first time there and it has been on my list of places to go for a while so I’m glad I got the opportunity to do it on my birthday. ugh! Tao is such a beautiful restaurant. I loved it! The food was delicious and came so fast! We were all so impressed. We ordered a variety of plates and shared it all. It was so great!

The next day I had my sister’s best friends wedding so I was really looking forward to that too, because who doesn’t love weddings? The wedding was so beautiful, they had a traditional church ceremony and a gorgeous reception.  The Venetian was where they held their reception, it is so beautiful in there. Cocktail hour is always my favorite. The food was phenomenal, so many different stations and so many drinks, maybe that’s what heaven looks like. My boyfriend, sister, and I had such a beautiful time at the wedding. I was more like a concert with the smoke machines and lights and music. Let’s not even get started on the dessert hour…too much fun.

Friday, I went to Bowlmor Lanes with my ex co-workers from American Apparel. We are still all really close so we try to meet up at least once a month. I love this place, I recommended it because we’ve been wanting to bowl for a while but always just end up going to bars. They enjoyed bowling and the arcade. We also got lucky and the photo booth was malfunctioning and we were able to take so many pictures for free lol. It was so funny, we were running out of poses.

On Saturday and Sunday I took it a little more easy. Went to La Esquina (The Corner) with my sister and my boyfriend for some Mexican food, and Margaritas of course. After, her friends met up with us and we bar hopped a bit.


Sunday, my sister and I had brunch at Brass Rail in Hoboken, NJ. After that we went to Bin 14  in Hoboken as well and we loved it there. The food and drinks are yummy! We ordered the 40 oz. Rosé, we have heard about it during the week. They are one of the few spots that serve it. It’s pretty cool! However, you can order it online, it is just a little tough to get because it is so popular right now they are all sold out. But if you have a chance to try it, it’s pretty good.  If anyone knows my sister and I you know that we LOVE fries, so we ordered these fries called Cacio e Pepe fries with cheese, black pepper, yolk. They were amazing. I will definitely go back to Bin 14 when I have the chance.

Overall, my birthday weekend was pretty awesome after I got over all of the stress of trying to have it be perfect. Thanks to my sister and my best friends/family. I am so grateful for the things that matter in my life. I was able to start a career in my field this year and thankfully everything has been beginning to fall into place for me. You can’t let the things and people who are negative get the best of your days. Be happy, and live how you want. Surround yourself with positivity, knowledge, growth, and adventure. Always be grateful. ❤ 

Welcome 23! #JORDANYEAR


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