Sweet Chick

Sunday Brunch: Sweet Chick

I’ve heard of this place a couple times and have really wanted to try it out. Thankfully, I was able to bring Wendi and Lo along with me for this one.

Their philosophy is: “great food, a cool vibe, and interesting cocktails at a great price” and I can honestly say they delivered. We chose the Williamsburg location. Also, fun fact, Nas is co-owner of this restaurant!

Atmosphere: Cozy

Music: Old School Brooklyn Vibes

Service: Good

Food: Is there a better word for delicious?

I absolutely loved this spot and who doesn’t love chicken and waffles? We went on a Sunday for brunch and just warning you now, it does get pretty packed, but the wait wasn’t too bad. This restaurant is American with a Southern twist. I can’t tell you how delicious everything was. You have to try it out for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it.

The drinks there are pretty good and strong too. It was all Brooklyn themed and so catchy. Take a look at their cocktail names:


Wendi & I had the ‘Queen of New York‘ (Yummy! I love anything with fruits) and the Bad & Boujee which was great as well.

The food menu was mouth watering just reading it:


We ordered a Mac & Cheese as a starter, and I fell in love. We loved it so much that we ordered another one.


As an entree I ordered the chicken & waffles. You have a choice of what waffles you want and I chose bacon and cheddar waffles….with a side of the most fluffiest mashed potatoes.

All of the orders come with a side of three interesting butters: Herb, Lemon, & Berry.


They were unique and all very good. All in all I would definitely go back to Sweet Chick. I’m already trying to plan my next brunch…<3


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