Serendipity 3

Last dinner with Wendi & Lo, I took them to Serendipity 3, another place I have been wanting to check out for a while.

The decor is really cute and funky. It is always busy in there and if there is a lot of people it can get a little cramped but the desserts are worth it (& the food too). Warning: The food portions here are pretty large, one plate can feed two people for the most part.

The menu is pretty overwhelming as it is. It’s a really big menu and all the options are endless and look so good, it’s difficult to choose.


Everything we had was good, we ordered potato skins and some wings for starters. Then we ordered the Bleu Burger, Chicken Diva, and the ‘Shake,Batter,&Bowl’. We shared between the three of us all of our entrees and it was delightful. We just had the opportunity to try all these different things in one sitting. It was too much for all of us but it was very tasty.


Before all the food we did get a chance to try the infamousFrrrozen Hot Chocolate‘. We weren’t too thrilled about it at first to be honest but when we all tried it, it was awesome. So chocolate-y, so good ❤

All of the desserts there sound amazing and we made sure we had room for at least one that we could share. We choose the ‘Strawberries and Cream‘. I love strawberries so I enjoyed it, and between the three of us it was a perfect amount after that big dinner.


I really liked the food here but wouldn’t be too eager to jump back at it again, definitely worth a shot though!

IMG_3515 ❤


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