My best friend FINALLY visits NYC!

Last week, I had the honor of having my best friend, Wendi, from Florida come visit me with her boyfriend, Lorenzo. I have been waiting for her to come visit me since I left Florida (so about 4 years now). So you can just imagine how excited we were when she finally bought her tickets to come over.

She bought these tickets back at around Christmas time for her Spring break in March. If you live in New York/New Jersey you know that there never really is any telling with how the weather will be in March. It will either just begin to get warm or still continue to be winter. Unfortunately for me the weather decided to become frigid just after two random days of beautiful 60 degree weather. Fortunately, for Wendi and Lo, they have never experience cold or snow like we do here in New York. Luckily, when they arrived it was snowing. They thought it was the most beautiful thing to see the snow fall and how white and clean it accumulates on any surface.

It was just so awesome to see something I think is not that pretty and that I take for granted look so beautiful in someone else’s eyes. To me, what was so unfortunate about the cold weather and snow was obviously going out into the city and showing them around. No one likes to be out in the cold, even less, travel while it’s snowing or in the snow in general. Let me tell you, Wendi and Lo really trooped it out with me. It was all an experience for them. Yeah they were cold, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to explore which I appreciated because I really wanted to take them out but didn’t want them to suffer and have a bad time due to the weather.

I won’t tell you every little detail but rather some of the highlights. Let’s start when I took them to Hoboken. I showed them the nice view of NYC by the water which everyone always loves. There was a bunch of snow and we ended up having a little snow ball fight which was fun (They really didn’t want to stop throwing snow at each other lol).


We went to the Oculus at the World Trade Center to show them the new transportation hub because let’s face it, it’s beautiful and all tourists are amazed by it. They took lots of pictures here.


We walked around Soho, Chinatown, and Little Italy so they can see and get to know all of the cool little neighborhoods Manhattan has to offer.


We stopped by this super cute Aerie pop-up shop!


We also had another couple from Florida visit as well it was like a big reunion. We had a great time.

We went to One World Trade Observatory because it’s a touristy thing to do and I have also been wanting to go there since it opened so I thought it was a perfect opportunity.



Later on that night we took them to Union Square and Times Square which was all new to them and they had a lot of fun. We also witnessed two engagements happen in Times Square which was pretty cool.

Took them to the M&M store and of course we had to do the photo-booth strip. Don’t know how we made this happen but it worked.


I had the chance to also take them to Max Brenner with all of its chocolatey goodness! Wendi and I had the Chocolate Martini and it was so good!


We went to plenty of good places to eat but I wanted to have separate posts about my favorites.

We had our fun at Dave & Busters as well. Wendi chose a pretty cool prize.

Luckily, Wendi and Lo got snowed in and got to spend 3 extra days with us because of the Stella Snow Storm. Which actually worked out and we really enjoyed it and made the most out of it. On our snow day we played so many games and made a delicious Mexican Brunch for ourselves with some pineapple margaritas.


Since we couldn’t get enough of Mexican, when the weather cleared up. We went to Taqueria Downtown which is in Jersey City. My sister and I LOVE this place, it’s our favorite Mexican spot. Wendi and Lo really loved it, we had soooo much food.

IMG_3452IMG_3451 2

There were so many adventures while having Wendi and Lo visit for the week. We had a bunch of things that we didn’t even get to document from no phone charge and just enjoying the moment. We had a lot of fun and thankfully a couple extra days to spend some more time together. I hope they get the chance to return in the summer so I can have the opportunity to show them so much more of NYC. There is nothing like NYC in the summer. So different and MUCH more livelier. I’m going to miss my little love bug ❤


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