MOFAD- Museum of Food & Drink

Hello again!

Welcome to another little adventure of my sister and I. This past week we were finally able to visit the MOFAD. For those of you that don’t know, the MOFAD is a nonprofit devoted to teach the public about the history, production, science, commerce, and the culture of food and drink. It’s in Brooklyn around some other pretty cool spots. It is very educating and fun. CHOW: Making the Chinese American Restaurant, was super informative and delicious! This exhibit celebrates the creation and evolution of Chinese American restaurants. It traces their history of 170 years and makes you examine the immigration, food, culture, and what it means to be American.


My sister and I really liked it, we learned a lot about their history, what they went through, and how these dishes came about. Did you know there was a Chinese Exclusion Act? Neither did we, it was so interesting to learn about this. This was not something I learned in my history class so it was nice to know more about things that happened in America back in the day that I don’t already know.

We also saw the evolution of the menus dating back to 1910 (Menu Timeline) and how different they were compared to now. Honestly, the menus were so much cuter back then, they actually put time and effort into them and of course the prices were crazy cheap. Two of the main dishes they focused on were Chop Suey & Egg Foo Young.

After, you walk right into the fortune cookie machine maker. One of the best parts! It smells so delicious and tastes even better. If you liked fortune cookies before you’ll LOVE them when you try it at the MOFAD. Nothing is better than warm, fresh fortune cookies. Every week or so they change the flavors as well, and the week that we went they were orange flavored and they were honestly so tasty! (and I’m not a fan of orange favored things)

There is also a station right after the fortune cookie machine where you can make your own fortunes to share with others. You get to write a fortune for a stranger. My sister and I got a couple fortunes that were so nice. It’s really cool. You could also paste your fortune to the wall full of other fortunes people received.

Next came the smell lab. This was pretty interesting and fun. There are 4 different stations, 3 smaller ones and 1 big one. These stations teach you about smell and how different smells combined make some pretty ordinary smells of food that we smell everyday we don’t realize. The pancake combination smelled so delicious, I was craving pancakes for a couple days after this. It was really fun to play around with this. Luckily my sister and I had a lot of time to have fun and spend here. We experiments with many different smells.

Finally, we get to the culinary studio, where a chef shows you techniques on how certain dishes are made. Every month, the MOFAD changes up the sample dish they are going to give us. My sister and I received Honey Walnut Shrimp! It was very good! The picture I have was a little after I ate it, sorry, too good to resist. lol.


All in all, the MOFAD was full of knowledge and fun, two of the best things there is. At the end there is a shop where you can buy sauces and souvenirs, but there is also a box of fortune cookies that you can take home with you for free so guess which I chose?


 This would be a really fun and cute little date for couples or even friends. There are also a couple of great brunch spots around the MOFAD that you should definitely check out. My favorite was Zona Rosa.


Of course, I cannot forget the great curtains of take-out. One of the main attractions.

Fun Fact: This is a 15 foot wall of suspended 7,250 Chinese take-out boxes, each box representing 7 Chinese restaurants here in the U.S.



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