Mele Kalikimaka!

The last sister trip of 2016 we chose Honolulu, Hawaii. It is one of my sister’s favorite places and I have always wanted to go there. I’m so glad we were able to visit, Hawaii is so vibrant and beautiful. After a 10 hour flight a cute little sign greeted us at the airport, and a nice little convertible beetle,  followed by some beautiful weather. It was raining lightly, the sun was out and so was the most biggest and brightest rainbow my sister and I had ever laid eyes on. We were so amazed, it was so close that if felt like we could touch it. We were pretty much chasing the rainbow in our car for like 10 minutes and came to the sad conclusion that there is no pot of gold at the end 😦



The first night we came up with a list of things we wanted to do for our remaining days. We then decided to hit the strip of restaurants along Waikiki Beach and choose one to have a nice dinner in. We chose Duke’s, and we were very happy with our decision. The food was sooo delicious and our waiter surprised us with some dessert on the house which was really good too but too much for just two people. Oh! We also ordered a drink called “Tropical Itch” and to our surprise it arrived to our table with a back-scratcher it. It was pretty funny and creative, all the other guests around us were looking at our drinks, interested to know what it was.


After dinner we just roamed around Waikiki Beach Walk, here there are countless amounts of shopping centers, restaurants, small cheap vendors, ABC Stores ( There are SO many of these but they have almost ANYTHING you need. Very convenient!), beautiful hotels, musicians, and of course tourists and natives. Waikiki Beach walk is super lively and friendly. Walking around just makes you want to stay out all night and there’s no pressure to have to go out and get hammered, everyone is just enjoying themselves and taking it easy, so relaxed. My sister and I walked through so many hotels, and they were all so beautiful. Hopefully we could stay at one of those next time! We ended the night early so we could wake up early and  take advantage of the next day.

The next day we headed to Makaha Beach. On our way there the weather was beautiful.  So we had the hood of the car down, loud music, and just cruised right along. There is nothing like this feeling. It is so freeing. The beach was small but beautiful. We were only able to stay for a little while before it began to rain but we did get some pictures. Soon after, it began to rain.

After this beach my sister and I decided to head to the next one because it might have not been raining over there and we were right but this beach was also small and hidden but it was still nice to lay and relax. There was not much sun but it was still nice. We just laid out and read some poetry (Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur).

Then we went to the Dole Plantation and took the Pineapple Express to learn a bit about what they grow there and how they grow. It was like a 20 minute train ride, and it was so cute!  In Hawaiian a pineapple is called “Hala kahiki” ❤


 After the Pineapple Express tour of course we had to try something that was pineapple. So I went for the Pineapple ice cream, and it was very delicious and refreshing. Pineapple ice cream is like summer in a cone!


As we were leaving the Dole Plantation I looked up and saw this peculiar tree trunk I was so amazed by. I thought they were fake, the tree bark/trunk looked as if it were painted all over. It was so unreal. I looked it up an it is an actual thing. It’s called Eucalyptus Deglupta, a.k.a. “Rainbow Eucalyptus”.


Honestly, I was amazed at everything that grew in Hawaii, it is just so different and they are all so beautiful. Look at this tree too!


We had to rush to the hotel after the Dole Planation because we needed to get dressed for a Christmas Luau and we were already running late. We got dressed quickly, got our lei’s, and headed to Paradise Cove Luau. We were soooo excited, this was pretty much our “Christmas” celebration (since we celebrate on Christmas Eve at home).

Finally, we arrived at Paradise Cove Luau. It was a great experience, Muriel and I loved it. Upon arrival you are greeted with Mai Tai Punch and you are lei’d (lol). Then begin the countless activities: making your own lei/ lei bracelet, Hawaiian headpieces, spear throwing, tattooing, canoeing, taking pictures with some animals, drinking, and just enjoying the beautiful view. While all these activities were going on there were also ceremonies they would bring our attention to like: shower of flowers, Hukilau, and Imu Ceremony.

Of course the main event of the night, the Hawaiian luau buffet, followed by the Hawaiian Revue which was exceptional. It was so mesmerizing to watch the Hawaiian ladies dance, they make you want to get up on stage with them, and a few people actually did! It was so entertaining and fun, the whole show. The men did great too, however, the Hula is truly an art and so interesting to watch. When I go back, I want to take some classes! (*writes down on bucket list*)

Muriel and I had a great Christmas celebration to say the least. We loved the Luau and were able to check that off of our list! check mark

The next morning we were on the hunt for the infamous Loco Moco. So we took a walk along Waikiki Beach and arrived at Tiki’s Bar & Grill and made it JUST in time for brunch. I had the pleasure of ordering the Loco Moco and it was pretty loco. It was yummy though!


After our delicious brunch we just walked around the Waikiki Beach strip and visited the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. This statue is in honor of “The Father of Surfing” and welcomes you with open arms to Waikiki. Many visitors honor him by placing their lei’s in his arms.


Later we went to Lanikai Beach, which was beautiful just driving down there, the beach and water was so refreshing.

On our final day, we have breakfast at the Rainbow Drive-In, which is a very tasty and very cheap spot! I would recommend it to all! This place is awesome.

After brunch, we headed up to Diamond Head to see how far up we can go by car but it wasn’t too far. The day was pretty cloudy so the pictures didn’t come out fantastic but the view was pretty nice. Next time my sister and I want to really hike all the way up.

Since Diamond Head wasn’t much of a success for us we wanted to do one more thing and we decided why not go surfing. I am so glad we decided to do this because it was so much fun (and pretty cheap to rent a surfboard by Waikiki Beach).  We went out and attempted to surf for about an hour an a half. Let me tell you, it is NOT as easy as it looks but it is very fun and the easiest way to catch a tan/sunburn. My sister was more successful at it then I was but I gave it a shot. I would definitely try it again with an instructor this time so I could finally catch some waves.

Impatiently waiting on my next trip back to Hawaii…


 Mahalo, Hawaii ❤


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