7 Days of Heaven in Greece

My favorite trip ❤ I have been dreaming about going to Greece for a couple of years now and thanks to my parents and me graduating college, I got the opportunity to finally make that dream come true.

So our first stop was Athens! We stayed at the Stanley Hotel which was probably our favorite out of all of them. Since we did a package deal we weren’t able to choose where we wanted to stay, so the hotels weren’t five stars but they were pretty good. However, the Stanley Hotel had a rooftop pool and the view from the rooftop was amazing! We were able to see the Acropolis from there. Upon arriving at the hotel we dropped our bags, threw on our bathing suits and headed straight to the pool to eat, drink, relax, and begin our vacation. img_0790

Since we arrived in the middle of the day we decided to not get too crazy and just go to dinner and explore around a bit. We looked up some places and FINALLY choose a spot since it was walking distance and we wanted to explore. We went to Gefstiki Gonia’. The food was very good. My sister and I loved the food and the staff there was super nice! They even taught us some Greek and told us about the nightlife and which spots to check out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take a picture of the food but trust me when I say you’ll enjoy it there. (It’s also not expensive which is always a plus 😉 )

We explored a lot after dinner and it was pretty cool we came across the city area where there were so many young people around! On our way back we came across some really cool art spots and of course, I had to stop and take some pictures.

The next day is when the adventure really begins! We woke up early and set out to go the Acropolis Museum. This museum is actually built on top of an ancient site which they were not allowed to destroy so you’re literally walking on top on an ancient site and can see it through the floor! It is really cool! I wish I could have just hopped down and walk through it. Inside on the museum you learn about the Propylaea, Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, and more. They show real and some replicas of the sanctuaries details. It’s very interesting but they are very strict with pictures so it was hard to sneak in some pics of the Museum. From a certain spot in the museum you can see the Parthenon and it’s a pretty good view.

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When leaving the museum we found a street vendor making necklaces of people’s names in Greek. My sister and I were so excited of course we needed to get one and it was a perfect souvenir to bring back home.


“Natally” in Greek

Of course, after this we ran to the Acropolis which was not too far. & The Acropolis obviously speaks for itself… stunning!

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Later that night we decided to go out and explore around Plaka and Monastiraki really good places for nightlife. My sister and I went bar hopping and it was pretty interesting to see the different vibes out there, but Greeks like to party.

Now on to Mykonos! Mykonos is extremely breathtaking, I fell in love with this place. It’s hard to choose between the three but this was probably my favorite island.

And the sunset’s….. forget about it… it’s like staring at a painting, so surreal. My sister and I were obsessed and in awe the whole time. I could never forget the view.

The next day we really started to explore and went to our sister hotel which was Mykonos Grand… I wish we were staying there instead, it was wonderful! The views were fantastic and the place itself was just a beauty. We spent a couple hours there tanning, taking pictures (of course), and exploring around us. After we were done we obviously had to take a trip to Paradise Beach Club a.k.a party town (and if you don’t believe me, please YouTube some videos. They get crazy.) It was pure party when we got there and it was so awesome to see and have a little fun. We left a little early because we wanted to go home and get ready to come back and go to one of the most famous night club in Mykonos, Cavo Paradiso, because if you’re in Mykonos you have to do it right.

 Clubbing in Cavo Paradiso was pretty crazy. The club doesn’t open until 12AM and closes at 8AM…. I thought New York knew how to party but clearly we are no match for Mykonos! It is insane, it was really hard not to want to leave early because of the time change but we actually stayed until around 5 or 6AM which isn’t bad for people who typically leave the club at 3AM. My sister and I barely took pictures this night either we were having too much fun to remember. But we did take pictures before we headed out because you always need that outfit picture.

Last but not least, we arrived at the Greek island of love, Santorini ❤. This island was great and pretty relaxing. We rented a car and actually explored a lot. We stayed in Fira and our hotel was walking distance to all the hot spots for eating, shops, and bars. The people were very nice every where we went, it was so welcoming. My sister and I really wanted to tan so we set out to find the Red Sand Beach and on our drive there we drove by the Black Sand Beach! So it was cool that we got to experience both, they were pretty amazing. We also got lost and ended up driving up a mountain. At first we wanted to go for it but halfway through we were a bit scared at how high we were getting, how narrow the two way/one way street was, and there were NO RAILINGS to keep anything from falling. It was so scary but at the same time funny. My sister and I make jokes about everything so we got through it with laughter.

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Of course we could not leave Santorini without going to Oia. It is stunning there, it really is how it looks in the pictures. You definitely have to get there 30- 40 minutes before the sunsets because that’s when it looks the best. The view is so captivating, how the light falls on the pastel colored houses. Not to mention the sunset itself is phenomenal! We enjoyed it so much. We were able to travel the whole island in one day.

Sadly, after this we had to head back to Athens and come back home. We had such a wonderful time in Greece. I would definitely take this trip all over again. It was literally a dream. I was so genuinely happy and satisfied throughout the whole trip. If I could do it all over again I would x10. I want start planning trip number 2 to Greece already! It was unforgettable.

If you ever get the chance, please go to Greece! You’ll thank me later.

Thanks for reading!



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