Running Through The 6

This was a random trip I took over the summer with my sister, Muriel. We’ve been wanting to take a sister trip for a long time and we’ve also been wanting to go to Canada for a while because… Toronto and Drake (duh!). So we planned this trip two weeks in advance. We already had a couple of places and things we were sure we wanted to do. On the first day we actually stumbled upon an outdoor market called Union Summer, which was great. Union Summer is a outdoor food market where there are some of Toronto’s favorite food trucks and some live music. This is where I tried this delicious treat called Chimney Cones! Just typing about it makes me happy all over again, it was sooooo delicious. It’s like ice cream wrapped in a giant churro with a chocolate surprise if you get to the end.


While there we researched what were some good places to eat and came across the One Eighty, a beautiful place with a stunning view. What’s better than dinner and a view? If anyone ever goes to Toronto I would 100% recommend going to the One Eighty, it was such a sight to see.

After the One Eighty we walked around the area which was really nice and explored a bit then headed back to the hotel.

The next day we did brunch at the cheap spot we looked up and it was so delicious ( it was very packed). It was really popular!


  Next, we actually did the Double Decker City Bus Tour that tourists do. ( I’ve always wanted to do this in NYC even though I live there.) It was pretty informative and we learned a lot and got to see so much all around Toronto. We got off at the St. Lawerence Market stop and went to go check that out and it is CRAZY in there! SO many shops, SO many people!

At night we went out to Kings St where it is so lively and fun. There is a strip of bars there and so much to do. Little area that never sleeps. My sister and I loved it there!  Too much fun that I didn’t take pictures at night 😦 But after all the fun was over we did take a trip to Junked Food Co. to get our Smash Bags which were so yummy and creative, I have no idea why I haven’t thought of making something like this before. It’s genius. They have soooooo much variety of junk foods mashes that you can eat. They all sounded so great but I was really intrigued by the smash bags so I had to try it.

Smash Bags

On our last full day, we changed hotels and stayed at the Thompson Hotel for the night. First of all, check out the Thompson Hotels… they are G O R G E O U S. I want to go to another one, but I can’t afford it lol. The view from the rooftop pool was so amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We happened to be in Toronto for Restaurant Week so of course we made reservations and ate at a restaurant we thought would be good and it was! Pre-fixed 3 course meals are always good.


At night, we enjoyed ourselves at the club under the Thompson Hotel called, Wildflower which was pretty dope too. It was pretty fun!

The next morning was unfortunately the last day. So to end the trip right we ordered room service for breakfast and might I say it was scrumptious!

Pretty successful sister trip I would say!

(Also! If you’re a french fry lover like me, please try Poutine!)


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