201Gods in the 6

Back in the 6! I had the pleasure of being able to visit Toronto again! This time with more of a purpose. My best friend Melissa and I had actually been thinking about it since the OVO Fest tickets were heard to drop. When everything was finally in order we were just impatiently awaiting our … Continue reading 201Gods in the 6


My best friend FINALLY visits NYC!

Last week, I had the honor of having my best friend, Wendi, from Florida come visit me with her boyfriend, Lorenzo. I have been waiting for her to come visit me since I left Florida (so about 4 years now). So you can just imagine how excited we were when she finally bought her tickets … Continue reading My best friend FINALLY visits NYC!

MOFAD- Museum of Food & Drink

Hello again! Welcome to another little adventure of my sister and I. This past week we were finally able to visit the MOFAD. For those of you that don't know, the MOFAD is a nonprofit devoted to teach the public about the history, production, science, commerce, and the culture of food and drink. It's in Brooklyn … Continue reading MOFAD- Museum of Food & Drink